Historic District / Planning & Zoning Committee

Chair: Zac Bleicher
Members: Vi Daley, Diane Gonzalez, Phyllis Hall, Karl Hjerpe, David Raino Ogden, Karen Stephenson & Jacqui Thams
Contact: hdpz@oldtowntriangle.com

The mission of the HDPZ committee is to preserve the architectural and historic character of the designated Chicago and National historic districts within the boundaries of the Old Town Triangle as well as advocate for strict zoning adherence.

On September 28, 1977, members of the Historic District Committee succeeded in having most of the Old Town Triangle area designated a Chicago Landmark by the City Council of Chicago. Today, the Historic District/Planning & Zoning Committee acts as a liaison between the Old Town Community and the Landmarks Commission, reporting the Committee’s recommendations and working cooperatively with the Commission to preserve the historic character of the neighborhood.

Each month, members consider requests for proposed exterior changes to existing buildings, new construction, and applications for zoning changes in the Triangle. Their deliberations range from the appropriateness of building materials used in rehabbing and construction projects to the height of fences and building additions.  The Guidelines for Alterations to Historic Buildings and New Construction, prepared by the Commission on Chicago Landmarks, serves as the guide for their recommendations. These recommendations are sent to the Alderman of the 43rd Ward and to appropriate city commissions and departments for approval. In every instance, the final decision on any rehab project rests with the Landmarks Commission.

Since neighborhood relations figure prominently in any rehabilitation project, members of the Historic District/Planning & Zoning Committee work with neighbors to maintain good relations between residents who are making changes to their properties and those who live in adjoining buildings.

On matters of neighborhood-wide concern, a community meeting is held and all neighbors are invited to express their views on the issue. In most cases where a community meeting is held, the 43rd Ward Alderman is a key participant in the proceedings.

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Regarding Civil Case # 1:19-cv-08229 Ava Deakin, William Deakin and Lisa M. Diehlmann, et al., V. Old Town Triangle Association:
The Deakin family and the Old Town Triangle Association (OTTA) are pleased to announce that they have amicably resolved any dispute between them concerning renovations to 1848 North Lincoln Avenue. OTTA looks forward to welcoming the Deakins to the Triangle in the summer of 2021.
The Deakins and OTTA have agreed to continue working together in the coming years by forming an Accessibility Committee to ensure that the Old Town Triangle Historic District and the iconic OTTA Art Fair are made even more accessible to—and welcoming for—people with disabilities.  They also welcome Access Living as a participant in the Art Fair starting in 2021. The remainder of the settlement terms are confidential.