Volunteer Opportunities

General Volunteer Activities

There are many opportunities to volunteer in Old Town! While our need is the greatest for the Art Fair, please consider some additional volunteer roles:

Become a Committee member! Our committees are always in need of help and the best part is that you can choose your area of interest.

  • Are you an architecture fan? Do you love Old Town because of the historic buildings? The Historic Preservation Committee could use your enthusiasm and expertise. Email the committee at hdpz@oldtowntriangle.com.
  • Our Communications Committee is working on programs to promote the architectural and historic character of our historic landmark district. Can you help us build a map or an app? Would you like to help write news updates and reference historic points of interest? We can use your marketing skills to promote our Association to neighbors (near and far).
  • Are you a nature lover? Do the Spring crab apples in Old Town make your heart sing? The Neighborhood Improvements Committee might be the right place for you.
  • Maybe you’re an artist, either professional or amateur hoping to increase your skills. We offer art classes and a gallery!
  • Do you love parties? The Events Committee is where you want to be. Help plan our next great event!
  • Can you help us spread the word about the benefits of membership? The Membership Committee promotes the OTTA to neighbors and keeps current members involved.

To get your info to any of our committees, please send a note to volunteer@oldtowntriangle.com. We’ll be sure to get your information to the correct committee quickly!

The OTTA NewsletterThe Times” is welcomes volunteer writers. Some spots open for your consideration include:

  • Neighbor Spotlight – Interview an Old Town Triangle neighbor/member and tell their personal story. Helpful questions are available to get you started.
  • Grant Awards Spotlight – Proceeds from the Art Fair are awarded to various neighborhood groups. Interview the recipients and share their story with the neighborhood. Highlight how OTTA money is spent and how it impacts the grantees and your neighbors.
  • From the Archives – The OTTA archives are a wealth of information about historically significant events, people and places and their contributions to Old Town. Help us share this information with the readers of “The Times.”

If you have a few hours a month, you can help! A small time commitment is all that is necessary for you to make an impact, become a more active member of the community and gain new friends. You’re welcome to join us.


Old Town Art Fair

Are your walls covered with Art Fair purchases? Do you want to be part of one of the Top 10 Art Fairs in the country? The Art Fair Subcommittee oversees the activities for the all-volunteer Old Town Art Fair.  The Old Town Art Fair (OTAF) is one of the few, if not the only, Chicago festivals that is completely planned, staffed and managed by volunteers. Each year, a group of 30 neighbors gather to plan the Old Town Art Fair and we rely on the help of over 700 volunteers to staff the event.

We would love to welcome you to our volunteer team! We need help in the following areas:

  • Communications/PR/Marketing: Help us promote the Art Fair near and far! Take the lead on social media posting, writing updates for the weekly email or draft press releases for widespread distribution. There are many more options. And your contribution would be heartily welcomed.
  • Booth Sitting: Volunteers assist our artists by looking after their booth while they take a short break to visit the food court or survey the fairgrounds. These volunteers generally work three hour shifts.
  • Gate Captain: Volunteers oversee activity at our seven entrance gates. Gate captains are responsible for staffing a portion of their gate. Training is provided at a workshop in early June. Gate captains work from 9 am-7 pm on Saturday and 9 am – 6 pm on Sunday.
  • Gate Volunteer: Volunteers greet OTAF patrons, distribute programs, and collect donations. These volunteers generally work three hour shifts.
  • Merchandise Volunteer: Volunteers staff our popular merchandise tables, selling OTAF apparel, souvenirs and posters. These volunteers generally work three hour shifts.
  • Artists’ Aid: These volunteers circulate through the Art Fair with wagons delivering water and refreshments to grateful artists.
  • Traffic Committee: Help the artists achieve an efficient set up by maintaining an orderly traffic flow of artists in and out of the fairgrounds – on Friday afternoon!
  • And More

We also host a volunteer thank you party on the Friday following the Art Fair. All volunteers are invited and it’s always a great time. Click here to see a video from a previous Thank You Party.

Here are a few photos from past Thank You Parties.

For more information, please contact our volunteer coordinator at volunteer@oldtownartfair.org. In your email, please indicate your preferred area of interest.