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Thank You for Buying Old Town

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Thank you for “Buying Old Town”

We appreciate your support of the Old Town Triangle Association and all of our events. If you have purchased a ticket(s) to an event, your name will be held at the door. We do not mail tickets.

Membership Purchases:

If you have purchased or renewed a Family Membership, please click on this link to send in additional name and email address to be associated with this account.

If you use a special email account solely for your purchases, please click here to send OTTA the preferred email address that you would like us to use for your membership. The Old Town Triangle sends email newsletters periodically, along with time-sensitive alerts and offerings.


If you have purchased a ticket to an event or class and would like to specify an item, provide additional names or clarify a point, please click on this link.

If you have purchased something as a gift, please send an email to info@oldtowntriangle.com indicating the name of the recipient for our records.

If you have purchased a jewelry making class and need to see the options available, please click here to return to that page.  Please email us your choice at:  info@oldtowntriangle.com