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Resource Directory

We are often asked to recommend a contractor, supplier, architect, or, baby-sitter! And there has been talk of setting up a Neighborhood Directory to do exactly that. The OTTA would like to move forward with this idea. We would like to be able to offer YOUR recommendations to other neighbors.

To do this, we need your help. Each week we will ask you for a specific type of recommendation. And, please, if you have a need, let us know what to ask about!

With your help and that of your neighbors, we will build a list of trusted, recommended resources. In the coming weeks we will be adding listings of architects, contractors, seamstresses, handy-persons, plumbers, baby-sitters, painters, mechanics, electricians, landscapers, snow-clearers, arborists, you-name-it. If there is a category you find we are missing, call the Triangle office or send a note and we’ll ask our members to name the people they recommend. And, please be sure to send us your recommendations as well. This will only work if everyone shares their knowledge of the best people to contact.

Thank you to everyone who contributes to this effort.