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New Board Member
Orientation Manual

(Effective as of October 30, 2023)

Purpose of this Document

This Orientation Manual is intended as the first part of a two-part orientation process for new members of the board of directors of the Old Town Triangle Association (“OTTA”).  This document sets forth high-level key details about OTTA operations and governance.

The second part of the orientation process will be in-person and will provide a deeper dive into the roles and responsibilities of the OTTA directors and officers, financial and operational matters, strategy and other important matters. The in-person session will occur as soon as practicable after the annual election of officers and directors in January 2024.

This Orientation Manual may be a useful tool for the Nominating Committee in its discussions with applicants for open officer and director roles, and the document is appropriate to be shared with those applicants should the Nominating Committee wish to do so.

OTTA Overview and History

The OTTA was established as an Illinois not-for-profit corporation under Articles of Incorporation on June 10th, 1952.  The Articles set forth its purpose as follows: “to improve the conditions of life, work, recreation, health and safety; to foster and develop a neighborhood plan; and to aid, assist and sponsor neighborhood activities in the area of the City of Chicago bounded by North Avenue, Clark Street and what was once Ogden Avenue” (the “Triangle”).

Articles of Incorporation

Today, the OTTA follows By-Laws, as most recently revised on December 14, 2021, that set forth rules related to its membership, governance, general operations and other key topics. Certain procedures and policies have been annexed to the by-laws.




Geographically, the majority of the Triangle falls within the 43rd Ward of the City of Chicago but a small portion toward the southern border falls within the 2nd Ward.

Sitting within the Triangle is the Chicago historic landmark district known as the “Old Town Triangle Historic District” (the “Historic District”) and the National Register district (“National Register District”) as set forth in the map below.Map of District

OTTA Programs  

The OTTA owns the site of its operations known as the “Old Town Triangle Association Center” at 1763 N. North Park Avenue.  It is a condominium unit within the 1763 N. North Park Condo Association. The contact details are:

Old Town Triangle Association Center
1763 N North Park Avenue
Chicago, IL 60614
(312) 337-1938

Hours of the OTTA Center: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday 10 AM – 5 PM and Saturday 10 AM – 1 PM

The OTTA Center is utilized throughout the week and weekends for various programs including, but not limited to:

Board Meetings & Current Members

The OTTA Board of Directors generally meets monthly in person at the Old Town Triangle Center.  The minutes of the last six meetings are linked here.


Currently, the second Tuesday of each month is earmarked for Board meetings in 2024 (with the exception of June on account of the Old Town Art Fair): January 9; February 13; March 12; April 9; May 14; July 9; August 13; September 10; October 8; November 12; and December 17.


Ray Clark, President
Anne Giffels, 1st Vice President
Jane Bachmann, Secretary
Drew Roesch, Treasurer
Chris Nelson, 2nd Vice President & Art Fair Chair


Beth Burk
Elaine Frei
Alan Lougee
David Montgomery
Lotika Pai
Aneta Tomaszkiewicz

Contact: board@oldtowntriangle.com

(Note to Barb:  Can we add links to bios of Officers and Directors? They would have submitted them with their applications. If they are difficult to find, we can ask for them to re-send.)

The Directors have staggered terms to provide a level of governance continuity after each OTTA annual election.  The terms of the current officers and directors are set forth in the Committee Summary linked here.

Board Committees

The current standing and ad-hoc committees of the Board are described in the “RSC Committee Summary” document linked directly above.

Director of Operations

The OTTA has two paid staff members:  Barbara Guttmann, our full-time Director of Operations, and Elinda Xiao, our Administrative Assistant.

The Director of Operations is responsible for managing the day-to-day functions of the Association and art school and works closely with the appointed committee for the Old Town Art Fair, to ensure its operation runs smoothly. Additionally, the Director of Operations is responsible for hiring, training and managing part-time office staff to assist in daily activities.

OTTA Calendar of Events:


Key Financial and Commercial Documents:

Current Budget –  https://bit.ly/OTTA2024budget

Current Financial Statement – https://bit.ly/2023OTTAFinancialReview

Overview of Insurance Policy –

IRS Determination Letter of tax-exempt status of OTTA – /wp-content/uploads/2023/11/IRS-501c3-confirmation-2015.bmp