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Events Committee


The mission of the Events Committee is to create, plan, develop and execute inclusive events for the Old Town Triangle Association. The Committee also works in conjunction with the other committees to help facilitate their events with planning and volunteer support.  In addition to Members only events, this committee is responsible for collaborating with  the Membership committee on ways to increase our membership through events and outreach.

Chair: Aneta Tomaszkiewicz
Members: Petula Bay, Laura Becker, Eliana Beckerman, Pipa Bradbury, Kathleen Bruinsma, Eurydice Chrones, Kathy Clark, Senda & Aniss Driss, Tasha Gellings, Rachel Hitch, Jeanette Ivankovich, Katherine Keenan, Marya Lucas, Gary Lynch, Katie Romano, Ken & Sherry Smith, Nina Sobierajski, Kimberly Thorstenson, Donna Zarei & Payam Zarei
Contact: events@oldtowntriangle.com