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Suzanne Flavin Scholarships

The Old Town Art Center offers financial aid through the Suzanne Flavin Scholarship Fund to qualified students of any age. Financial assistance is awarded in any medium. To apply, complete the form in full and return to the Old Town Art Center. Students must reapply for each session. The Old Town Art Center will make every effort to select a new student each session. If there are no new applicants and more than one returning applicant, names will be drawn via lottery. Students are encouraged to apply as early as possible. Recipients will be announced two weeks prior to the start of classes. Students must complete the entire 10-week session to be considered for future awards.

Click here to download the application for printing.

Application for (circle one):  Winter/Spring/Summer/Fall Session                 Year:_________         Class:_____________________________________

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Circle One:  Home/Cell/Work Phone: __________________________________________________________________________________

We want to be as accessible as possible and do not require any documentation proving a certain level of income to determine eligibility. The OTAC & Suzanne Flavin Scholarship Fund operate on a system of trust, asking you to evaluate your own financial situation and ability to pay tuition. Please note that all scholarships are full tuition.

O   I certify that this award makes it possible for me to take an art class at this time.

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Signature of Applicant                                                                                                            Date

Please complete the following to help us to better report our financial assistance activities:

Have you taken classes at the OTAC in the past? If yes, please list the medium and/or instructors you have worked with:_______________________________________________________________________________________________________

Have you received an award before from the OTAC? If so, please list session and year: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Please write briefly about how a scholarship would make the OTAC classes more accessible to you. How will a scholarship help you to have a positive experience at the OTAC? _________________________________________________________________________________________________


How did you hear about us?

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Are you willing to assist at the OTAC? We need volunteers: during the Art Fair, for Gallery Openings, organizing the supply closet and/or art room and promoting shows and the school. ___________________________________________