2022 Strategic Planning

In the review of potential projects at the January 2022 annual meeting, members assigned a high priority to preparing a strategic plan to best serve our community. A subsequent application to Compass (compassprobono.com) provided an independent consultant on a pro bono basis to start the planning process. In August, the planning process was launched and now includes 21 residents serving on five committees. The Strategic Planning committee meets weekly at 3pm in the Triangle office.

Interviews with over 20 current and former governmental officials and board members are in progress as part of the assessment process, identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. The committee and subcommittee members are also serving as focus groups providing critical input as well as direction. A survey to solicit input from all residents in the Triangle is also being developed.

While the development of specific goals and action plans will extend well into next year, we hope to be able to share the results of the assessment phase with members at January’s annual meeting.

Your comments and suggestions are always appreciated and can be sent to planning@oldtowntriangle.com.
At the January 2022 annual meeting reviewing potential Major Projects, the members assigned a high priority to preparing a strategic plan to best serve our community. This includes:
A. Preparing an objective analysis of where we are now (using an independent consultant to get confidential unvarnished responses)
B. Soliciting input from members, nonmembers, business owners and government officials
C. Defining who the community is and their most pressing needs (e.g., safety, streets and sanitation, parks, facilities)
D. Identifying the most critical organizational issues
E. Developing a lower risk, less divisive, and more effective advocacy strategy including planning and zoning issues
F. Identifying other opportunities for meaningful cultural, economic and social improvements
G. Ensuring effective, transparent, democratic, and representative governance promoting knowledge of and involvement in the Association
Planning Committee
Zac Bleicher, Dorothy DeCarlo, Diane Fitzgerald, Phil Graff, Brad Neuman (Chair) John Engman (Consultant)

1. Community Development: Planning, Development, Improvements
  • Chair: Phil Graff
  • Gene Brockland
  • Karl Hjerpe
  • Steve McClellan
  • David Raino-Ogden
  • Jennifer Yengoyan

2. Stakeholders: Constituency, Community Engagement, Membership, Events, Programs, Marketing
  • Chair: Dorothy DeCarlo
  • Sandy Bredine
  • Vi Daley
  • Jacob Ringer

3. Governance: Setting Policy, PR, Continuity/Leadership/Training, Bylaws, Advocacy
  • Chair: Zac Bleicher
  • Beth Burk
  • Chris Nelson
  • Darius Tandon

4. Finance and Operations: Art Fair, Fundraising, Grants, Art School
  • Chair: Diane Fitzgerald
  • Shel Beugen
  • Claire Leaman
  • Leah Marshall
  • Rick Rausch
  • Ericca Reavis

Please use this link to take our survey about the Old Town Triangle Association. The survey is anonymous. Thank you for your time. https://forms.gle/fcwtk9CVq8VQGYmA6
Results will be updated weekly. Updated 1/31: Survey Results
Mission Statement Existing: The Old Town Triangle Association is a community-based, not-for-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for residents who live in the area of the City of Chicago bounded by North Avenue, Clark Street, and the former Ogden Avenue (“The Triangle”).
Proposed: Enable those who live and work in the Old Town Triangle to connect, collaborate and care for our neighborhood. Vision & Values Proposed: The Old Town Triangle Association will build on its history of success to become recognized by residents and businesses as the center for engagement, information, collaboration and advocacy to maintain and improve the quality of life. We will foster a sense of community and belonging by connecting neighbors, collaborating on issues of common concern and promoting safety, art and preservation. Community Welcoming (People and Ideas) Stewardship Integrity Respect and Collaboration