President’s Message

Dear Friends,

It’s a new year and the OTTA is already busy as ever.  Last year we were voted the “#1 Art Fair” in the U.S.A.  Guess what… this year we were voted “Number One” AGAIN!  Also last year was our most profitable Art Fair in history. Our thanks go to Vi Daley and Lynn Smith, along with all of our volunteers.

Our goals for 2017 are to continue the momentum of our main fund raisers the Art Fair and First Sight.  We intend to streamline our Committees and get more inclusion from new members who want to be involved.  As we did this past year, we want to continue to grow our OTTA membership and, in addition, make our neighborhood events open to all — free for members and a membership fee charge for those who are not members.  It is critical that we protect our historic neighborhood from tear downs and with our newly retained legal firm, utilize their services when needed.  Lastly, we intend to conduct a new survey to be sure the Board is representing the will of our membership.

Two new events happened since our last newsletter.  One was the Holiday Musical Event. We watched our OTTA children sing, play their musical instruments, act and read to a delighted large neighborhood audience.  There were some big surprises in neighborhood talent.   We understand the importance of our children having opportunities to perform. It builds their confidence and self-esteem. If you were not able to see the Holiday Musical, you can check out the video at  The second event was our OTTA Kids Art Show “From the Refrigerator to the Gallery”.  We had a fabulous opening on January 15th with many neighbors attending. The Show felt like a mini art fair as we spoke to the children about the inspiration behind their wonderful artworks.  Our neighborhood has always been dedicated to the arts and our children are no exception.

I want to thank the outgoing Board members for all of their hard work and welcome our incoming new Board, who I look forward to working with.  Our first event of the year will be our Easter Egg Contest, stay tuned for more information.  Continuing in 2017, we will be including our children in much of what we do.  The Holiday Event and the OTTA Kids Art Show were the kick off to our new Youth Committee.  This Committee intends to bring our neighborhood children into the Triangle for more events, play groups, Youth Board and more, since we know that “our children are our future”.

Last year we lost our dear friend, Leslie Wolfe.  Barb Guttmann is our new Executive Director and she is fabulous, always ready to help with a smile and a positive “I can do it” attitude.   We won and lost some battles last year.  One huge win was many new members joined which strengthens our community and connections with each other.  To all of you, “Welcome to the OTTA 2017”.

Steve Weiss, President

The 2016 Old Town Art Fair, a new “2016 Year in Review” and the holiday party videos are available for your viewing pleasure at —check them out!