President’s Message

Dear Friends,

We had a successful Art Fair despite the weather. The Board is working on the new budget. Profits are down and budget allotments will be reduced as we prepare for the 2018-19 FY. Committees had to cut requested sums for this current fiscal year due to budget balance issues…i.e. the Times Newsletter reduced its production to 5 issues…NIC cut dollars from their budget as did the Grants Committee, Education & Outreach, Events and Membership & Communications. The Board agrees that next year’s budget will be much thinner. Read Sachi Kubo’s Treasurer’s Report in the September/October newsletter for more details. OTTA is offering new classes this fall and we’re looking forward to Oktoberfest. HDPZ continues its vigilant watch over building rehab projects in the area. NIC continues maintaining our parks, parkways, and brick sidewalks. Membership & Communications continues to ask members to use the new membership database.

Alderman Smith is working diligently with the 18th District and OTTA on combatting area crime. On another note, LaSalle Language Academy is proposing a Playground Redevelopment Project. If this project presents issues for you, please contact Alderman Smith. Many new families are moving into our Triangle. Please introduce yourselves and try to interest them in joining the OTTA. Our committees still need more bodies to help them do their work. And lastly, our Board is here to do the business of the Association and its members. If you have concerns, please notify any of the Board members and we’ll do our best to address them.

Steve Weiss, President