President’s Message

Dear Friends,

Spring is here with new beginnings and a few Committee revisions by the Board. Thanks to all the neighbors who sent in their Committee volunteer interests. We have many new members that want to get involved.

We’ve divided the Historic District/Planning and Zoning (HD/PZ) Committee into two new Committees. HD/PZ, chaired by Jordan Matyas will still be the entity that homeowners, contractors or developers seek to approve plans to renovate their homes. Additionally, HD/PZ is taking a much more active role in defending the Triangles’ buildings with our newly retained legal counsel to defend against teardowns, abandonments and “mission creep”.

The second part to this new Committee is Education and Outreach (EO) chaired by Karl Hjerpe. They will provide education about the Historic District and distribute information to visitors. A new walking tour app will tell our history via GPS, showing old photos of our homes, written history, videos and more.

The Grants Committee, co-chaired by Dee DeCarlo and Robert Jones determines Grant distribution. Their efforts from March through May will culminate at the Art Fair Thank You Party.

The Membership & Communications Committee, chaired by Chris Nelson, has been reconfigured. They’re working on integrating new software that will improve communication and allow members to be more interactive. They will focus on getting and keeping members and making sure you are kept up-to-date on activities and issues throughout Old Town.

We have a new Triangle office assistant, Hannah Bernard.  Her current schedule is: Tuesday 10 -1; Wednesday 10-5; Thursday 10-1; Friday 10-5 and Saturday 10-1.   Stop by and say “hi”.

Mark your calendars for Spring Clean-Up on May 13th and volunteer to help make our neighborhood shine.

Don’t miss the Easter Egg Hunt on April 15th.  It’s a great time to connect with your neighbors and make new friends.

See you at the Art Fair First Sight Party at the Blanchard on May 21st.

Steve Weiss, President