Shared Cost Brick Sidewalk and Parkway Program

In keeping with one of the OTTA’s very important goals, the Neighborhood Improvement Committee (NIC) endeavors to: Develop and maintain the physical environment of the Triangle, including improvement of open spaces, green areas, sidewalks, and parkways. The 2018 OTTA Board generously approved $20,000 for a new NIC Shared Cost Brick Sidewalk and Parkway Program. This Shared Brick Sidewalk and Parkway Program encompasses parkways that need the re-installation of existing brick pavers, and new vintage bricks for parkways and sidewalks. The NIC is also open to other ideas, if proposed.  For the 2019 program, participants will be accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis. The number of applications that can be approved will be based on the availability of funds.

Why do we need this program?

Safety: First and foremost, many of our bricked walkways/parkways are in bad shape and need serious TLC. Jagged edges, pot-hole sized openings and uneven surfaces (due to tree roots, winter ground freeze, age, etc.) pose a genuine threat to baby strollers, twisted ankles, wobbly knees, senior citizens, and who knows what else!?

Value: We are mindful, especially in this economy, about working to maintain our property values as well as investing in our neighborhood.  IT IS A PROVEN FACT that maintaining the beauty and exterior of one’s home impacts its value in a direct and very positive way.

Beauty and Bricks:  Matching the color/texture of new bricks to historic brick pavers in a consistent manner throughout the entire OTTA neighborhood is aesthetically pleasing, true to keeping alive the historic vision of the community, and simply makes sense. Maintaining parkways is also a goal of our overall infrastructure mission. Last year, NIC reported to membership that the OTTA had funded the excavation, preservation, and storage of Purington Pavers (antique bricks) rescued from the alley on Wisconsin St. These beautifully crafted bricks need homes. Where better to show them off than in our parkways? (see photos below)

Cost: The Neighborhood Improvement Committee will refund participants up to 50% of the cost of their brick projects.

Eligibility Requirements to take part in the Brick program:

  1. Must be a current Member of the OTTA in good standing for the past 3 years. If you are a new member, you must have purchased a 3-year membership.
  2. The scope of the Shared Cost Brick Sidewalk and Parkway Program project is limited to sidewalks, parkways, and the sidewalk through a driveway within the public right-of–way. Any portion of a project on private property will be the financial responsibility of the owner and not qualified for a refund.
  3. Any and all projects will need pre-approval from the NIC. (See application)
  4. All purchasing/supplying of brick will be performed by NIC.
  5. All labor will be performed by the licensed and bonded subcontractor chosen by the NIC.
  6. Any and all material used must be pre-approved by the NIC.
  7. NIC will only cover up to 50% of the cost of brick replacement & repair. NIC will aid in determining the reuse of pavers and labor related to such work.
  8. NIC reserves the right to cancel funding if deemed necessary.
  9. NIC will coordinate all projects.
  10. NIC will be supplying the brick to any and all brick projects at a steep discount. Owners will be responsible for paying OTTA for brick and or brick transportation costs.
  11. NIC will arrange initial meetings between subcontractor and owners to discuss projects. Proposals will be sent to NIC after initial meeting.
  12. PAYMENT-Participants are responsible for remitting ALL payments directly to subcontractor and OTTA.
  13. SUBMIT PAID INVOICES-Participants must send copies of original paid invoices to OTTA.  
  14. REFUNDParticipants, after completion of the project, will receive a check in the amount of up to 50% of the total pre-approved invoice as agreed to in the contract.

How can I avail myself of this program?  

Click here to fill out an application online or click here to download an application and return it to the Old Town Triangle Center (1763 N. North Park).