About The Old Town Triangle Association

Old Town Triangle Association Center:
Chicago, IL 60614
(312) 337-1938

Hours of the OTTA Center: Tuesday – Friday 10 AM – 5 PM, & Saturday 10 AM – 1 PM
Volunteers: For more information, please contact our volunteer coordinator at volunteer@oldtownartfair.org


Board Members & Committees

Contact: board@oldtowntriangle.com


Steve Weiss, President
Hans Pusch, 1st Vice President
Lynn Smith, 2nd Vice President
Karen Pfendler, Secretary
Sachi Kubo, Treasurer


Karl Hjerpe
Robert Jones
Jordan Matyas
Shelly Murphy
Chris Nelson
Shannon Waterfield

Director of Arts & Operations

Barbara Guttmann

Committee Mission Statements


    The mission of the HD/PZ Subcommittee is to preserve the architectural and historic character of the designated Chicago and National historic districts within the boundaries of the Old Town Triangle as well as advocate for strict zoning adherence.

    On September 28, 1977, members of the Historic District Committee succeeded in having most of the Old Town Triangle area designated a Chicago Landmark by the City Council of Chicago. Today, the Historic District/Planning & Zoning Committee acts as a liaison between the Old Town Community and the Landmarks Commission, reporting the Committee’s recommendations and working cooperatively with the Commission to preserve the historic character of the neighborhood.

    Each month, members consider requests for proposed exterior changes to existing buildings, new construction, and applications for zoning changes in the Triangle. Their deliberations range from the appropriateness of building materials used in rehabbing and construction projects to the height of fences and building additions.  The Guidelines for Alterations to Historic Buildings and New Construction, prepared by the Commission on Chicago Landmarks, serves as the guide for their recommendations. These recommendations are sent to the Alderman of the 43rd Ward and to appropriate city commissions and departments for approval. In every instance, the final decision on any rehab project rests with the Landmarks Commission.

    Since neighborhood relations figure prominently in any rehabilitation project, members of the Historic District/Planning & Zoning Committee work with neighbors to maintain good relations between residents who are making changes to their properties and those who live in adjoining buildings.

    On matters of neighborhood-wide concern, a community meeting is held and all neighbors are invited to express their views on the issue. In most cases where a community meeting is held, the 43rd Ward Alderman is a key participant in the proceedings.

    Chair: Jordan Matyas
    Members: Karen Stephenson, Diane Gonzalez, Phyllis Hall, David Raino Ogden, Karen Rogulja, Patrick Donovan, Shannon Waterfield, & Sachi Kubo
    Contact: hdpz@oldtowntriangle.com



    The mission of the Neighborhood Improvement Committee (NIC) is to develop and maintain the physical environment of the Old Town Triangle including improvement of open spaces, green areas, sidewalks, and parkways.

    Even though Old Town is among the most vibrant, well situated, and rewarding of Chicago’s neighborhoods, there is always room for improvement. NIC is committed to addressing the ongoing and changing needs of our community as is consistent with OTTA’s organizational goals. Identifying and responding to those opportunities is the business of the Neighborhood Improvement Committee.

    NIC identifies projects which address neighborhood needs and infrastructure opportunities within Old Town. NIC works with public and private offices to address those projects. NIC provides the maintenance of 10 green refuse containers scattered throughout the Triangle; replaces of aging benches in our parks; oversees the landscape in the “pocket” parks on Willow and Menomonee, the play lot in North Ogden Park, the maintenance of the Clark/Wisconsin Park, and additional projects pertaining to street-scape maintenance.

    The NIC oversees the Old Town Parkways Tree Program, which is geared to help Old Town residents maintain the unique charm of our streetscapes. The program provides assistance to residents interested in replacing missing or dead trees in the parkways in front of their homes. 

    Chair: Shannon Waterfield
    Members: Karen Pfendler, David Pfendler, Corinne Svoboda, Stefani Turken, Dan Baldwin, & Phil Graff
    Contact: nic@oldtowntriangle.com



    The mission of the Grants Committee is to oversee and administer the grant program that the Old Town Triangle Association offers to schools and organizations that serve our community and to support the stated mission and goals of the Old Town Triangle Association. Grant applications are accepted annually. Applications can either be downloaded from the OTTA website or picked up at the OTTA office. Proposals are evaluated on an annual basis with the application deadline April 1st. Grantees are honored and awards distributed at the Old Town Art Fair Thank You Party.  Important information concerning the grant application process can be downloaded here.

    Chair: Robert Jones
    Members: Rick Hyer, Darlene Fahrenkrog, Claire Leaman, Stefani Turken, Diane Gonzalez, Rick Rausch , Joyce Freeman, Patricia Kilduff, & Jack Schindler
    Contact: grants@oldtowntriangle.com

    Grant Awardees 2018

    Abraham Lincoln Elementary School
    Art on Sedgwick

    Boy Scout Troop 79
    Chicago Public Library, Near North
    Chicago Sculpture Exhibit

    Deborah’s Place
    Edgar Miller Legacy
    Franklin Fine Arts
    Green City Market
    LaSalle Language Academy, Fine Arts 
    LaSalle Language Academy, Travel

    Lincoln Park Community Research Initiative
    Lincoln Park High Football
    Lincoln Park High Music
    The Village Chicago
    Lincoln Park Zoo
    Midwest Buddhist Temple


    The mission of the Art Fair Committee is to organize and execute successful and profitable art fairs.  According to the By-Laws, the Art Fair Committee is chaired by the appointed 2nd Vice President.

    During the second full weekend of June, five charming, tree-lined streets within the Old Town Triangle set the stage for 250 nationally-acclaimed artists and an estimated 40,000 art lovers to come together during the Old Town Art Fair. The artists featured in our fair are chosen by an independent jury of professional artists, gallery owners, and museum curators. The Old Town Art Fair features a wide range of art mediums, including 2D- and 3D-mixed media, drawing, painting, photography, printmaking, ceramics, fiber, glass, jewelry, and works in metal, stone and wood.

    The Old Town Art Fair is the Old Town Triangle Association’s primary fundraising event.  A donation of $10 per adult is requested. Children accompanied by a paying adult enter free. Proceeds from the fair serve to benefit neighborhood improvement projects, youth groups, local schools, and other 501(c)(3) organizations.

    Old Town Triangle Association members, Old Town Triangle residents as well as other interested patrons are encouraged to volunteer at the Old Town Art Fair. The 69th Annual Old Town Art Fair will be held on June 9th and 10th, 2018.  For more information, email volunteer@oldtownartfair.org.

    Co-Chairs: Vi Daley & Lynn Smith
    Member: Steve Weiss
    Contact: chair@oldtownartfair.org, firstsight@oldtownartfair.org, volunteer@oldtownartfair.org, gardens@oldtownartfair.org, gates@oldtownartfair.org


    The mission of the Eduation and Outreach Committee is to promote the historic, architectural, and cultural heritage of the Old Town Triangle. The Education and Outreach Committee maintains the Historic Photo Gallery, Vintage Art Fair Poster Gallery, and aims to digitize the rest of the OTTA archives. They are currently developing a mobile device app for walking tours of the district. Their 3 main goals are to: (1) Highlight the OTTA heritage online, (2) Share OTTA heritage with both membership and the general public, and (3) Celebrate OTTA heritage (have fun)!

    Chair: Karl Hjerpe
    Members: Diane Gonzalez, Karen Rogulja, Anne Giffels, Claire Leaman, Mary Morony, Mike Rossmeier, Corinne Rohr, Birgitte Normolle, & Allison Harris
    Contact: outreach@oldtowntriangle.com, historicphotos@oldtowntriangle.com


    The mission of the Capital Improvements Committee is to maintain and improve the OTTA physical facility and to make needed repairs or upgrades as necessary.

    Chair: Hans Pusch
    Contact: capitalimprovements@oldtowntriangle.com


    The OTTA is committed to reducing crime in Old Town, but we can’t do this without your help. At our crime meeting in January we discussed how we, as neighbors, can best address crime in our neighborhood. We need your participation to act on many of the suggestions.

    Neighbors need to sign up to volunteer, as committee members and block captains. A Co-Chair for the newly established Crime Committee is also needed. Currently, we do not have block captains for zones 3, 10, 12, and 13. But all zones need more volunteers. We can use as many people as we can get in each zone – making less work for everyone! Tackling crime in the neighborhood is not something the OTTA can do without your help. To fight crime in Old Town we will need all of our neighbors, without your support there is nothing we can do. Now is not the time to be shy – join your neighbors and stand up to crime.

    – Steve Weiss, OTTA President

    Block Captain / Crime Committee
    Please email info@oldtowntriangle.com to join the
    Crime Committee or sign up as a block captain

    Chair: Steve Weiss
    Contact: president@oldtowntriangle.com


    The mission of the Events Committee is to plan, organize, and execute all non-Art Fair events for the OTTA and its committees, such as Movie Nights, Potluck Dinners and other fun activities. This committee works closely with Membership.

    Co-Chairs: Steve Weiss & Shelly Murphy
    Members: Shirley Baugher, Lucy Baldwin, Kathy Clark, Molly Pusch, Jeanette Ivankovich, Alice Dang Becker, Hannah Felton, Mary Jo Felton, Phyllis Hall, Eurydice Chrones, Michelle Byerley, Becca Sheehan, & Perrin Stearns
    Contact: events@oldtowntriangle.com


    The mission of the Membership & Communications Committee is to:

    1. Develop and maintain an overarching communications strategy for OTTA and its committees and the development of common formats for communications that would stretch across committees to deliver relevant news and updates to the membership and the community at large.  The Committee is responsible for ensuring that all governance related documents including, but not limited to, Articles of Incorporation, Mission Statement, By-Laws, Board Meeting schedules, Board minutes, monthly financial reports, and committee meeting schedules are placed online.
    2. Maintain the existing membership and to encourage neighbors (Old Town Art Fair volunteers, local businesses, Condo Associations, etc.) who are not currently members of the organization to join. The key role is the development and upkeep of the Association’s database system. The Committee maintains connections with members and solicits new members. One does not have to be an Old Town Triangle resident to be able to join the Old Town Triangle Association. Only Triangle residents are given voting privileges. All members receive the OTTA newsletter, an iBOT card (I Buy Old Towndiscount card), and electronic email updates relating to area news and up-coming events.

    Chair: Chris Nelson
    Members: Michael Warnick, Anne Giffels, Allen Carley, Sherri Kramer, Steve Nichols, Diane Sokolofski, Maggie Dotts, Peter Neagle, & Dagmara Kokonas
    Contact: membershipcommittee@oldtowntriangle.comcommunications@oldtowntriangle.com


    Co-Chairs: Shannon Waterfield & Steve Weiss
    Members: Emily Engel & Eurydice Chrones
    Contact: youth@oldtowntriangle.com


    The mission of the By-Laws Committee to ensure the integrity of the Association’s By-Laws. The subcommittee will meet every third year to reviewing and make appropriate recommendations for By-Law revisions to the Board of Directors and Membership as needed. The By-Law Subcommittee last met in 2015.


    The 2018 Nominating Committee will nominate candidates for the offices of President, First Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer and for open positions on the Board of Directors. The Nominating Committee will consist of three to five members, appointed by the Board of Directors. No later than September 15th, the Board of Directors will nominate this committee and designate one member to serve as chair.

    Contact: nominations@oldtowntriangle.com


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